Embroidery Files

Greetings Friends!

This site will be host to all the embroidery files that I find, and/or create that have to do with the Kingdom of Atlantia and the SCA in general. The ones with (EdC) are my fault. The ones with (MK) were found on the Middle Kingdom’s website. Other credit given as I find them. If you see something that you did, and I have not given you credit, please let me know so that I can!

Update Sept 3: Added a new Spike by Baron Llwyd, a new Provost design, and a Oversized (5x11!) Spike for those that have machines that can do larger sized designs.

Update July 30: Added a new Spike and Princess Rowen’s favor to the Individual Arms page, Converted Indiviual Arms page to have additional formats for the available files.

Update June 23: Major rework on the layout to add the .sew and .hus version of the files for Atlantian Awards and Offices pages. Changed the site “style” to decrease load times a little.

Update May 15: Added Her Majesty’s Gazelle to the individual arms page. Added Knight and Pelican to Awards Page, cleaned up some of the digitized files.

Update May 13: Added Rose to Awards Page, as symbol for Lady of the Rose, Added Sir Colin to Individual Arms Page. Started adding Baronial Awards, 4 from Black Diamond. Added Prince Logan’s Wolf to the Individual Arms Page

Update May 12: Added Court and Territorial Barony coronets, County Coronet, Duchy coronet, Laurel, Herring, Kings Missileers badge, St. Aiden’s badge, and new improved versions of the Sea Stag and Golden Dolphin badges to the Awards Page. Working on Pelican, but I’m having a problem finding a “clean” image to digitize.

Update May 9: Screenshots of a “preview” of each file are now up, so that you can get a general idea. I should note that these are not actual images of the finished files - they are created by the embroidery digitizing software and are an approximation of what you can expect to see in the finished project. There are “random” lines of thread in there at times that do not show up on the final project, or can easily be removed if they do. Always remember that you can load whatever color thread that you want to use. For example, the Nautilus file shows as using blue and white, but if you were going to create a Silver nautilus award, you could simply load silver, instead of Blue, and black instead of White - instant Silver Nautilus!

All files are in .PES format currently. Eventually, I will convert them all into other formats. If you see something that you want specifically, let me know, and I’ll get it converted for you. You can email me edeconde@gmail.com



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